We’re bringing football back….

and we hope you will join us!!

We would like to bring back the spirit of football here in Toutle by expanding our program to include Flag Football for grades 1st thru 4th. This is a way for our kids to learn the game of football from a non-contact perspective and in doing so, become more physically active.

We would like to also bring back the 3rd thru 4th grade Contact Football team, but with all of these programs, we will need the interest and support of the kids, parents, community and school.

Many of the other teams in our league have cheerleaders to help support and cheer on their teams, and we would like to do the same by starting a Cheerleading Squad for Toutle Lake Youth Football for children from grades 1st thru 6th.

With these new ideas, we are going to need volunteers to help organize and utilize each program. We also hope to form a small board of volunteers to oversee and help keep the programs strong from year to year. By making decisions through a committee, we can focus on what is best for the program. In doing so, we can deal with any issue and come together as a team to make decisions as a group.

If you have a child who would like to join any of these programs and/or you are interested in volunteering in any way, please fill out this flyer.

We look forward to talking to you about all that Toutle Lake Youth Football has to offer our children.

Trent Gardner     (360) 560-7467

John Coleman     (360) 957-1536


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