First Day of Flag Football Information….

Thank you everyone for all of your patience! We have very recently had some unexpected things happen among our board. A coach who has committed a lot of time and dedication to the Toutle Lake Youth Football Program has relocated his job out of state. We are so sad to hear that he will no longer be with us, but excited to keep the program going. Thank you to all of the volunteers that have stepped up to help. If you would like to assist with anything, please let us know.

As for flag football, please be at the Toutle Football Field by 12:30 pm. Our fun day of football drills and training should last until about 3:30/4:00 pm. A couple things to note:

Please bring a COPY of the participants insurance card if we do not already have one on file.

If the participant was signed up online, the legal parent/guardian will need to be present to sign a concussion form.

Please have your child dressed in comfortable, weather-appropriate attire. Please wear cleats (any type) or running shoes to allow for traction in the grass.

Apply sunscreen and make sure your child has had lunch prior to arriving. Please bring a water bottle and a small snack with.

Most of all, come ready to have fun! We look forward to seeing you on the field!


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