This Sunday, June 14th will be the last day of Flag Football and Cheer camp. We have had a blast with all of you! Camp for Football will be 12-2:30pm at the Toutle Football Field. Camp for Cheer will be 12:30-2:30pm in the multipurpose room.

At 2:30pm we will be having a BBQ by the football field for all the football and cheer participants. The participants will get a free hot dog, chips and a popcicle. We will be cooking more hot dogs and have chips available for the family members. We are asking for $1.00 a hot dog, $1.00 bag of chips and a $1.00 for water. This and any other donation will go into the football program.

BIG Thank you to the Myren family for their donation towards the BBQ! Also all the High Schoolers, volunteers/coaches/parents, Art Walsh, Phil Johnson, the School District office, and the Board Members for making this camp a huge success!

SIGN UP forms for contact football for next year’s 3rd to 6th grade will be at the camp.
You can also sign up online by clicking on our ‘registration’ tab.



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